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My name is Trina Grover, I’m 36 years old born in Long Beach, Ca raised in Lancaster, Ca. I’ve battled with alcoholism and drug addiction since the age of 14 years old. I have an 11yr old son, 5 yr old daughter and a newborn baby boy on the way. My kids currently live with my parents due to my addiction problem. October 31, 2022 I walked back into New Road Women’s Recovery home for the third time in the last two and a half years. I fully surrendered, got a sponsor, work the steps in both NA and AA, and fully took advantage of what New Road had to offer for me. I’ve gained a strong faith in my higher power, God, sobriety still till this day, learned consistency, learned structure, and have found a new healthy way to live life on life’s terms. I’m forever grateful for New Road Recovery which I consider family. They gave me a solid, safe, strong foundation to find myself again and to learn to love me again.

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