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What is Behavior Modification Therapy?


Behavior Modification Therapy (BMT) is a type of approach that is designed to modify unwanted negative behavior. BMT utilizes a system of negative and positive consequences to help the patient learn the appropriate set of responses for any given event. Similar to counseling services in California, therapists can use this method to promote healthy behaviors in patients.

As a provider of rehabilitation services in Palmdale, California, we will discuss what you need to know about behavior modification therapy:

  • What is BMT used for?

    BMT has been proven successful in treating phobias, generalized anxiety disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It can also help treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and disruptive disorders.

  • Is BMT an effective treatment?

    It is effective as it is closely related to cognitive behavioral therapy in that it aims to help patients produce better outcomes in life. Instead of focusing on negative thinking patterns, however, behavior modification focuses on sequences of behavior. Instead of thoughts that lead to a specific outcome, BMT alters the actions that lead to specific outcomes.

  • How does BMT work?

    Behavior modifications rely on the idea of conditioning which is a form of learning. The two major types of conditioning are classical and operant conditioning. The former depends on a particular stimulus or signal while the latter uses a system of rewards or consequences.

  • Who can benefit from BMT?

    From children to adults, anyone can benefit from behavior modification. A mental health therapist always starts client relationships by getting to know the person and building a solid foundation of comfort and trust. This type of therapy can also be provided in individual or group settings.

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