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Common Challenges You May Face While Recovering


Breaking free from a life of addiction can improve your health and overall quality of life. Everyone deserves to enjoy life without the challenges that an addiction brings. However, realizing this goal will take a lot of work and commitment.

Here at New Road Recovery Services, Inc., we take every step to help you break free from addiction through our rehabilitation services in Palmdale, California. We witness the many challenges recovering individuals face to realize this goal. To help you create healthy expectations, let us discuss common challenges that recovering individuals constantly face during their recovery.

  • Withdrawal

    People who go through addiction recovery treatment often experience a period of withdrawal. Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, or PAWS, can occur when a person abstains from using substances. Symptoms can include irritability, cognitive lapses, sleeping issues, and higher levels of anxiety.

    While seen as a normal part of recovery, dealing with withdrawal symptoms can be stressful. Our addiction treatment services in California can help you manage this syndrome better.

  • Constant Temptations

    Constant cravings and tempting situations are also major challenges for many recovering individuals. Eliminating these cravings does not happen immediately. Actively avoiding triggers can be a tough experience, especially when they are ubiquitous in your current environment. The right counseling services in California can help deal with the stressful experience of avoiding these triggers.

  • The Threat of Relapses

    One of the most common challenges that recovering people face is relapsing. Instances of relapses can shatter one’s drive to recover from addiction. It’s crucial to understand that you still deserve a life free from addiction despite these instances of relapses.

If you need professional services to help you break free from an addiction, we are here for you. Call us today for your inquiries.


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