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How Can You Deal With A Relapse?


The road to recovery is often a tough one. While daunting, breaking free from an addiction is always possible. However, even when the journey becomes smoother, certain roadblocks still exist that can stop you from fully stepping away from that life.

Here at New Road Recovery Services, Inc., we help you overcome these roadblocks through our rehabilitation services in Palmdale, California. One of the biggest challenges that recovering individuals face is the constant threat of relapses. Let us discuss some ways to help you deal with relapses.

  • Active Avoidance

    Relapses are seen as a normal part of addiction recovery. But as we provide addiction treatment services in California, we also understand that it is best to avoid instances of relapses. Recovering individuals need to actively avoid triggers.

    This does take a lot of mental work and commitment. If relapses do happen, forgive yourself and start again. Our counseling services in California can give you the extra support to deal with this situation in a healthy manner.

  • Having An Accountability Partner

    It also helps to have an accountability partner. This is a person that you trust who can help you avoid possible instances of relapses. With an accountability partner, you won’t have to deal with relapses on your own. Paired with the right recovery services, you can address relapses with a healthy support system.

  • Professional Guidance

    Talking to professionals can also be a great way to deal with relapses. They have the skills and knowledge to help you get through a relatively stressful recovery process. When you are ready, mental health experts can help you achieve a life free from addiction.

Let us help you recover today! Feel free to learn more about our services.


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